Welcome to my clowning world!

SqueeZee the Clown entertains children & adults!
Let her bring her vaudeville bafoonery, music, and dance to your next special event or party! She also brings laughter therapy to residents of assisted living facilities along with her fuzzy friend, Picasso the Pug, to give them a respite from their loneliness, depression, or pain.
Squeezee the Accordion Playing Therapeutic Clown

The Party Clown

Squeezee the Therapeutic Clown on stage at World Clown Association with her accordionSanta Barbara’s newest, award-winning clown, SqueeZee, will bring her vaudeville-flavored entertainment to your next event! Perhaps you’ve been longing for the beautiful sounds of French musette music or maybe your guests would enjoy a German clown for your next Oktoberfest party? Having an Italian-themed party? Enter SqueeZee a la Italiano.

The Therapeutic Clown

Squeezee the Therapeutic ClownClowning is a world of playfulness. Along with my sidekick, Picasso the Pug,  create the space where aches and pains take a back seat by combining humor and comfort during challenging times. Consider this accordionist clown with an international flair. Therapeutic clowning is an innovative and effective therapy and like laughter, it’s contagious and fun! Oh, and I’m also a certified laughter yoga leader!

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“Cheer Up Team”

I am forming a group of seniors who want to learn about the art of clowning and share it with people who really need humor. If you enjoy being silly and love being around people, clowning might appeal to you. Consider joining us!

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